Global affairs master's student interest in civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights and how to get these rights recognized and achieved around the world. I am also interested in the ICC, the Rome Statute and criminal prosecution for breaking international human rights law, including getting the US up in front of the ICC and prosecuting it for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I feel that making any genocidally-aimed bigoted remark or hate crime action towards a member of a group protected under the genocide convention (which should include sexual orientation and gender identity) should earn you a warning that you are exhibiting behaviors that lead to genocide and that if you make any public comment or hate crime again aimed at an individual as such, you should be fined or given prison time. If the US is unwilling or unable to prosecute, you should stand before an international court to be convicted. (You'll be given like six-months at most.). My lifegoals are to work either in the UN or an NGO like MSF or J-PAL or potentially my own.

Please do not talk to me at all if you feel that human rights only come from the Bill of Rights and that universal/international human rights don't count. I will either tell you to go find yourself another planet or to go space yourself. Please do not talk to me at all if you're part of the anti-vaccine crowd. I will probably go Fouche-on-Lyon (except without the kill-it-with-grapeshot part) on you because you have failed at everything.

Fandom: Into Les Miserables, French Revolution, The Paris Commune, Babylon 5, The Silmarillion, The Dark Is Rising, The Secret Garden, X-men, The Stars My Destination, The Snow Queen, Star Trek TOS and TNG, Studio Ghibli, Amartya Sen, FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt, Paris, NYC.

Please talk to me about any of these.

Characters I like: all the ABCs (but most particularly Enjolras and Grantaire, though I am most like Combeferre),
-Marat and Simone Evrard!, Fouche (equality bread, progressive taxation, tax on vice to run the secret police, supporter of Babeuf, person who regular told Napoleon what he thought of him, made the Bourbons have to rely on him not to have France broken up, proceeded to tell them what he thought of them and of monarchy while doing so, his only regret in his memoirs was Thermidor, but he had just lost his first born child and they were considering imprisoning him for being overenthusiastic which only makes sense until you realize that Committee member and madman Collot d'Herbois went with him and asked for regular reports), and Romme (freaking metric system and better recipe for equality bread) from the French Revolution. I don't like Collot d'Herbois but I find Fouche fascinating. I don't really like Camille Desmoulins but more because he vacated politics before the time period I really enjoy studying started and didn't really understand what was going on. I most particularly do not like Danton, but I respect him.
-Erik "Magneto" Lennsher. Mystique x Irene Adler.
-Alfred Bester (both the character for Babylon 5 and the author, and actually the character even more because Walter Koenig read Alfie's books and mimicked the tone of the writing perfectly in his speaking style for the character. Garibaldi. Ivanova. Delenn. Lennier. And Londo and G'Kar because oh god my heart the feels! I do not like Sheridan. I do not like Lyta.
-Feanor, Maedhros, Maglor, Elrond, Thranduil.
-Louise Michel wins all the point of badassery. Poor Victor Hugo when he found out the character he had written for Enjolras was a living breathing person.
-"Gully Foyle is my name, Terra is my nation, Deep space is my dwelling place..." Actually all the characters from this are freaking amazing and I love each and every one.
-Stark Trek TOS: everyone except Kirk. I like Uhura, Chekov, Spock, Bones, and McCoy.
-Star Trek TNG: Picard and Data are adorable. I also love Q, from what I've seen of him thus far.
-I love Gerda, The Snow Queen and the Little Robber Girl. I would love Hayao Miyasaki to do The Snow Queen. He would do it justice.

I just finished reading the Illium/Olympos two-book series. There is a character named Setebos. Setebos is nighmare fuel and is made of nightmare fuel.
Ask me anything